Martine Muzzi

Coaching Level: 3

Gold in Freeskate & Dance

Years of Coaching: 25

Martine Muzzi is a Level III (National Level) Certified Coach with Skate Canada.  She has coached in many clubs throughout Canada, specifically in Labrador City, NF and Labrador, Creston, B.C. and Whitehorse, YK. before joining the Parry Sound Skating Club.  She has obtained Gold Skate Canada Medals in Dance and Freeskate and has attended many Coaching seminars throughout Canada, also attending the National Coaches Conference in Toronto, ON in 2010.  Joey Russell from Labrador City, NF and Labrador went on to become Senior Men’s National Bronze Medallist and World Team Member in 2011.  Martine was the Primary Coach and Developer for this Skater.  She has 25 years coaching experience and has attended numerous competitions such as the Atlantic Canadian Divisionals (Campbellton, N.B) , Island Skate (Victoria and Nanaimo, B.C.), Invitational Competition in Fairbanks, Alaska and Invitational Competitions in Ontario.  Martine is available to coach new students and is thankful to the Parry Sound Skating Club for the opportunity to coach with this Club.

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Stephanie Grant

Coaching Level: 1

Years of Coaching: 13


Hello Parry Sound Figure Skating community, although this is not my first year involved with your skating club, this will be my first year in a full time coaching position and I look forward to being a part of your community.


I began skating at the age of 9 and have continued loving the sport ever since. As a skater, I have experience in both the Competitive and Star Skate streams. My highest competitive test passed is Novice, but I competed at the Junior level. In addition, I have also achieved quadruple gold, meaning that I earned a gold level in all the four disciplines of skating.


As for coaching, I have been a qualified coach since the age of 16 with my Canskate and level 1 certification. My level 2 is on the agenda, but has taken a back seat to gaining more of my teaching qualifications.  I have run Canskate programs, I have been a dance partner, and I have provided private lessons for all levels of skating (ranging from primary to senior competitive).  I have been an individual coach and a part of team coaching. I have met many wonderful people at the many clubs I have coached for, ranging from Blind River through to Parry Sound.  I believe that I bring a well-rounded view of the sport through both experiences as skater and coach.  I believe that the sport of figure skating has more to offer than just what goes on, on the ice. I wish all skaters luck this upcoming season and look forward to the possibility of working with parents, skaters, executive, and fellow coaches. 


Contact: Call (705)690-6967


Amanda Hinksman

Coaching Level: 1

Years of Coaching: 16


I am very excited to continue my coaching career at the Parry Sound Skating Club (PSSC) with which my skating and coaching career started. As a skater at PSSC I am a double gold medalist within the Skate Canada's test stream and received my level one coaching certificate. From there I left to pursue my education where I earned a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion.


I then returned to the Barrie area where I had skated for many summers to coach and pursue further education. During this time I had the pleasure of coaching at a variety of clubs as a club coach and head coach. During this time I also earned a degree in Psychology and Education. I also earned my Power Skating certificate and have had the opportunity of coaching and organizing power skating programs.

I have 16 years coaching experience and have had the opportunity of shadow coaching with many of Skate Canada's best coaches at the Mariposa National Training Center.


I believe that my education and experience influences me greatly as a coach and will assist in the understanding of you child's development and my ability to adapt my teaching style to every individual skater. I am always looking for new techniques and skills that will assist the skater(s) in becoming the best skater and confident individual that they can be.


Contact:  Call or text (705)774-6967 or