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Stephanie Grant

Coaching Level: 1

Years of Coaching: 13


Hello Parry Sound Figure Skating community, although this is not my first year involved with your skating club, this will be my first year in a full time coaching position and I look forward to being a part of your community.


I began skating at the age of 9 and have continued loving the sport ever since. As a skater, I have experience in both the Competitive and Star Skate streams. My highest competitive test passed is Novice, but I competed at the Junior level. In addition, I have also achieved quadruple gold, meaning that I earned a gold level in all the four disciplines of skating.


As for coaching, I have been a qualified coach since the age of 16 with my Canskate and level 1 certification. My level 2 is on the agenda, but has taken a back seat to gaining more of my teaching qualifications.  I have run Canskate programs, I have been a dance partner, and I have provided private lessons for all levels of skating (ranging from primary to senior competitive).  I have been an individual coach and a part of team coaching. I have met many wonderful people at the many clubs I have coached for, ranging from Blind River through to Parry Sound.  I believe that I bring a well-rounded view of the sport through both experiences as skater and coach.  I believe that the sport of figure skating has more to offer than just what goes on, on the ice. I wish all skaters luck this upcoming season and look forward to the possibility of working with parents, skaters, executive, and fellow coaches. 


Meghan Pepler

At the age of 3, my parents took my siblings and I to a rink close to our home in Toronto to take part in the Canskate program. I stepped on the ice that day not knowing the significant role the sport of Figure Skating would have in my life. In 2003, we moved out of Toronto to a farm just north of Barrie. I joined the closest club, The Barrie Figure Skating Club, where I trained and competed in the Starskate stream. In 2006, I transitioned to Mariposa and started training and competing in the Competitive stream. While training at Mariposa I had the privilege of receiving coaching from some of the best coaches in the industry. Not only did the coaches focus on on-ice/off-ice training they also focused on developing life-skills (self-management, critical thinking, problem solving, etc.) that I apply each and everyday. I trained at Mariposa until I graduated high school (2013), at this point I made the decision to pursue other paths, University/College. Even after ending my career as a competitive skater, skating has remained with me. I attended Queen’s University for a year, where I tried out for their Varsity team and had the opportunity to compete in all areas: freeskate, dance, and synchronized skating. This hugely broadened my scope of knowledge as a skater as I had never trained or competed in a synchronized skating group. Competing on a team brought an immense amount of joy into my training after many years of having a competitive only mindset. After post-secondary, I stepped away from the sport for many years. Until recently, where I felt a pull to re-take my coaching course and get back on the ice! I am currently a fully trained Can-Skate coach. I aim to take the regional coaching course when it is available to me. My goal as a coach is to pass on the joy that skating can bring into a skaters life while focusing on the technical skill and development of the athlete on and off the ice! I am looking forward to a fun season meeting and working with everyone at the Parry Sound Figure Skating Club! 


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