Stephanie Grant

Coaching Level: 1

Years of Coaching: 13


Hello Parry Sound Figure Skating community, although this is not my first year involved with your skating club, this will be my first year in a full time coaching position and I look forward to being a part of your community.


I began skating at the age of 9 and have continued loving the sport ever since. As a skater, I have experience in both the Competitive and Star Skate streams. My highest competitive test passed is Novice, but I competed at the Junior level. In addition, I have also achieved quadruple gold, meaning that I earned a gold level in all the four disciplines of skating.


As for coaching, I have been a qualified coach since the age of 16 with my Canskate and level 1 certification. My level 2 is on the agenda, but has taken a back seat to gaining more of my teaching qualifications.  I have run Canskate programs, I have been a dance partner, and I have provided private lessons for all levels of skating (ranging from primary to senior competitive).  I have been an individual coach and a part of team coaching. I have met many wonderful people at the many clubs I have coached for, ranging from Blind River through to Parry Sound.  I believe that I bring a well-rounded view of the sport through both experiences as skater and coach.  I believe that the sport of figure skating has more to offer than just what goes on, on the ice. I wish all skaters luck this upcoming season and look forward to the possibility of working with parents, skaters, executive, and fellow coaches.